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What to Bring to your first visit ?

New Patient

What do I need to bring along to my first visit?

  • 1. Wear loose fitting clothes
  • 2. Arrive 15min earlier to complete paperwork
  • 3. Bring any scans or X-rays that relates to your current condition
  • 4. Bring any paperwork like doctor’s referral, surgery details, test results, etc. that relates to your condition
  • 5. Private Health fund card if applicable
  • 6. For WorkCover bring the following:
    • Your current medical certificate
    • Claim number
    • Proof of acceptance of your claim (usually a text on your mobile phone to confirm that the claim has been accepted)
    • Details of your case manager if known
    • Any other documentation relating to your claim
  • 7. For GP management plans (EPC) bring the following:
    • Any paperwork your GP provided you with
    • Medicare card
    • Scans or X-rays relating to your condition
    • Test results
    • Any other documentation relating to your condition
  • 8. Bring along any walking aids, shoes, braces, etc. that you are currently using that you think might be of interest for the physiotherapist to look at