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What we offer

We use a wide variety of techniques to relieve pain, restore function and movement as well as improve muscle strength in order to prevent injuries.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is very similar to acupuncture as it also uses needles to elicit an effect in the body. The difference between the two techniques is that Dry Needling is based on scientific neurophysiology and anatomy principles and acupuncture is based on the Chinese belief that there has to be a balanced flow of chi …
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Joint Mobilisation

Physiotherapists use manual techniques to increase the range of motion of a joint. It can be performed on any joint within the body to relieve stiffness of the joint and overlying muscles. There are a variety of techniques that can be used for example Mulligan, Maitland, etc.

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PIM (Passive Impact Mobilisations)

PIM is a method used by physiotherapists to free up stiff joints. A device called a PIM-gun or Activator is used to deliver a very quick and soft movement in the joint by applying it on the affected joint. This is a very safe and comfortable technique and is usually much more tolerable than a manipulation.

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Pilates is a form of core muscle training used to treat back pain, neck pain and postural dysfunction. It involves retraining the deep stabilising abdominal muscles that provided stability to the spine. These stabilisers can deactivate over time due to bad posture and habits or due to pain and instability in the spine.

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Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy is used by physiotherapists to help relax stiff and tight muscles. Trigger points are areas within the muscle that become hypersensitive and is characterised by an area of contraction within the muscle. It can be felt in the muscle as pea sized or bigger nodule.

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Laser is a light source and can be used to enhance the inflammatory effect, reduce pain and improve healing in the body. The cells within our body can absorb the light energy which leads to an increase in the metabolism of the cell.

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Ultrasound and Electrical currents

Ultrasound uses sound waves to help increase the blood circulation in a specific area of the body. Ultrasound has minute vibrations as well as some heat that is produced due to the fast rate of vibration.. These two characteristics of ultrasound help to increase capillary circulation….

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Physiotherapists use strapping tape to achieve stability or retrain movement. When your body has a dysfunction or muscle imbalance, the physio can improve the movement pattern and correct the muscle imbalance by strategically placing tape.

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Neural Mobilisation

Neural mobilisation is used when there is some nerve entrapment present or when a nerve is hypersensitive. Nerves can get trapped by discs in the spine or by muscle fibres. Nerves are able to stretch and can get hypersensitive when it is required to stretch after a long period of immobility…

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Rehabilitation after fractures

You might be referred to physiotherapy after sustaining a fracture. Fractures can be fixated either externally with a cast or with internal fixation which requires surgery. Once your doctor has cleared you to start with physiotherapy, we will help you to recover your movement in the affected area.

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Rehabilitation after surgery

You might be referred to physiotherapy after having undergone surgery. We will be able to help you regain normal function after surgery. Once your doctor has cleared you to start with physiotherapy, we will help you to recover your movement and function around the affected area.

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Rehabilitation after Stroke

A stroke is an event where there is damage to a part of the brain. It can be characterised by loss of movement in one side of the body. With the help of our physiotherapists you will be able to learn how to retrain the movement patterns needed for normal function.

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Functional Strengthening

Strengthening is often thought of as something like bicep curls or dead lifts. Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists focus on much more than just strengthening one muscle. We strengthen muscle groups called “slings” in order to improve overall function.

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Brace Fitting

We provide a brace fitting service and stock a variety of braces including DonJoy, Accutex, Oppo, Ossur, etc. We are also recognized fitters for Ossur and DonJoy braces.
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