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Gladstone Hands on Physiotherapy offers a variety of group classes suitable for all fitness levels and health conditions.

Group Classes Gladstone Hands On Physiotherapy

Our focus is about quality rather than quantity and for this reason each class is capped to a small group of clients allowing for a personal and effective exercise experience. Our group fitness classes run for 30-60 minutes and clients can access a well-equipped gym using a range of free weights, resistance bands, a cable machine and an aerobic exercise bike. Each exercise class is supervised by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, giving every client the confidence to exercise safely and to receive any modifications to their exercise prescription when circumstances change.  

Current classes:

  • Conquering Parkinson’s
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III
  • Oncology Group class
  • 65+ Fitness

Not sure whether a class is right for you? Speak to one of our friendly Exercise Physiologists to find out. 

65+ Group Fitness: 

Our 65+ group fitness class is a 45-minute class held twice per week and is generally suited for our older population. The exercise programs are specifically tailored to suit the client’s current fitness level and ability. During this class, clients have access to a large range of free weights, resistance bands, an exercise bike and a cable machine to assist with increasing strength and aerobic fitness required for every activity. This group fitness class specifically incorporates functional exercises to keep you mobile, active, prevent falls, provide you with the confidence to continue with the activities you love and help you maintain your overall health, fitness and well-being.

Conquering Parkinson’s:

Conquering Parkinson’s is an ongoing exercise program designed to slow down the pathophysiology or progression of Parkinson’s Disease. Conquering Parkinson’s group fitness program is based off evidence-based exercise prescription designed to drive new neurological pathways and cell regeneration. This means that your brain will relearn how to do functional activities. Prior to attending the group fitness class, an initial consultation is required with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to gather vital information regarding your Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis, your main motor and non-motor neurological symptoms as well as your medical history, previous exercise history, health questionnaires and functional assessments. This important information then allows our Accredited Exercise Physiologist to prescribe the exercises you require to improve your quality of life.

Cardiac Rehab Phase III:

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an ongoing exercise program designed to implement healthy and long-term lifestyle changes. The program involves one to two weekly 45-minute exercise classes as well as a weekly 30-minute education session designed to support you and provide information on how to improve nutrition, mental health and incorporate simple ways to exercise regularly outside of the gym. Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III is a transition program from Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase I and Phase II, both of which are conducted at The Gladstone Community Health Centre. Our Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation classes are specifically designed for any individual diagnosed with a cardiovascular condition that has been discharged from the Phase II Rehabilitation Program or has received a referral from their doctor to exercise and would like to improve their health and reduce the risk of future cardiovascular events. Prior to attending this group fitness program, an initial consultation with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist is required to ensure all medical history is gathered prior to developing and implementing an exercise program. 

Oncology Group Fitness:

Our Oncology Group Fitness Program is held twice per week for 60 minutes. This group fitness program is designed for individual diagnosed with cancer and can commence at any time before, during or after oncology treatment. The research behind the benefits of exercise and how it can assist with managing the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation and improve survival rate is becoming more and more evident. Using evidence-based principles, this class is designed to help you stay fit and strong and manage symptoms such as fatigue and any mental health concerns you may have. Give us a call today to secure your spot in our small and personalized oncology group fitness program. 

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